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Cross Chapel's vision is to help people:
Connect with God
Connect with community &
Connect with purpose

Everybody needs God, community and purpose

If we can help connect people with those three needs

the world will change for the better. If you are not connected with either one of the those needs than God has brought you

to Cross Chapel for you to be connected.
There is a place here at Cross Chapel for your family and you.

Our Culture

  1. Loving Culture “We love God and love people”

  2. Honoring Culture “ We honor God and honor people” 

  3. Praying Culture “We pray to God and we pray for one another”

  4. Generous Culture “ We give to God and give to people”




私たちのメール リストに参加して、励ましとなるコンテンツを受け取り、クロス チャペルと繋がりましょう。

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751 W Sandy Lake Rd
Coppell, TX 75019


日曜礼拝 @ 2:30PM

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